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Age: 18 Years Old
Height: 5'8
Element: Fire
Weapon: Twin Swords
Personality: Hot-headed, easily aggravated, headstrong, moody, "Assassin" mindset in battle
Likes: fighting, Toumeya, competition, Sword training
Dislikes: lazy People, sleep, Kids, Ethan, unworthy people
Battle Attacks: NONE

A young woman born and raised from a hellish world where the planets resources are dead and nonexistant. Miyuki, her friends and the rest of the dying human population were forced to live underground. She witnessed the death of both of her parents Isaac and Jenna in a brutal attempt to escape from demons that were bent on killing the last surviving Earth element Adepts which was her father. Her father was finally caught and mutilated. Her mother completely lost it after seeing her fathers remains then committed suicide right in front of the seven year old Miyuki. Miyuki was found by Toumeya and her parents when they were relocating to the Underground Sanctuary. Miyuki along with her friends began training themselves for ten years hoping that that one little miracle of saving their world would be possible and they would be ready. Miyuki's personality is very unstable, and at times she'll go out of control and totally lose it when it comes to her and her family. She's a very traumatized person and doesn't take well to humor or having a good time.


Age: 17 Years Old
Height: 6'0
Element: Wind
Weapon: Dual-Axes, Fists
Personality: calm, friendly, passive, a supporter of sorts
Likes: reading, weightlifting, advice-giver
Dislikes: nothing much, Ethan's opinion of him being 'boring'

A quiet man of great intelligence. Despite living in horrible conditions, having both his parents killed, and living his early years, getting in shape, he retains his quiet and calm mentality which would otherwise drive another person crazy. He never overreacts, and is seen either weight lifting, reading a book, or training. He was the one who kept Miyuki in line and prevented her from committing suicide one time. A pretty gentle soul who gets the job done when it comes to fighting and is also a strong warrior and magic user. His only flaws are that of talking to people, humor, and as Ethan puts it "Is very boring and emotionless."


Age: 65 Lemurian Years; 16 Years Old(Human Years); Looks 10 Years Old physically
Height: 4'9
Element: Water
Weapon: Rods, staves
Personality: hyper, happy, friendly, gullible, random, schizophrenic (the persona known as "Mey")
Likes: Miyuki, kids, Skye, stalking Ethan, cookies, Food, sleep, cuddly things
Dislikes: being gullible, having a bedtime despite her past adult responsibilities, her nightmares she refuses to share

A cheerful and hyper girl of Lemurian descent. Originally grew up in a quiet peaceful setting in her home of Lemuria, but was quickly forced out of there by a rapidly growing threat in the outside world. Her family migrated to an Underground Sanctuary where the rest of the worlds Survivors were forced to live. She found a young Miyuki clinging to her dead parents sides and took her in as her little sister and own daughter. Her appearance may look like she's a young adult but that was due to her rapid aging physical self from being away from her home for seventeen years. Toumeya quickly had to adapt to that of an older sister role to Miyuki and Skye to then later being a mother figure to them once her own parents passed away from disease. She held her own raising both of them to not give up, and believe in themselves.

The first goal for her once she returned was to change her body back to normal, and went back to Lemuria to see if it was possible. Using powerful Magi-crystals, she accepted a risky operation that would revert Toumeya's body to what it look like if not for the exposure of being away from Lemuria back then. The operation started by having her powers as an adept purged out of her body. They were absorbed into the crystals than used to convert the river around Toumeya to change her, but the operation failed as Toumeya's powers were being amplified instead of being contained which shattered them releasing them to the world. As a last ditch effort, Toumeya's powers were sealed again in two small crystals fitted on her armbands permanently. This caused a chain reaction which corrupted her body to decelerate in age to that of a young girl. On top of that, the procedure destroyed part of her brain leaving her with a double personality and brain damage. Toumeya's new alter ego is a more crazy, adolescent personality named "Mey". At times, Mey would take over Toumeya's body and act as a different person. The experiment also prevented her from using her powers, and even stopped aging in the process.


Age: 14 Years Old
Height: 4'8
Element: Earth
Weapon: Cards, Daggers, Shields
Personality: Cocky, smart-aleck, perverted, quick-thinking
Likes: girls, card/dice games, sleeping, ditching magic school, making Miyuki's life a living hell
Dislikes: Miyuki, magic, school, being ignored, responsibility


A young boy from the village of Vale and is the son of the main character of Golden Sun The Lost Age's Felix. This young man has quite a reputation of being a wild, rude, infamous spark plug of the town. He's a rude, cocky, smart Aleck and causes trouble with the local people. Whether it's for attention or respect, its unknown why he acts out this way. Ethan's interests are that of gambling, tricking visiting people who come to Vale, or anything to test his luck. Ethan despite being so young also has a hidden interest of being a closet pervert, often collecting inappropriate magazines of hot half animal, half human girls. A sure sign his hormones and puberty are hitting fast. His least favorite thing to do is study which shows since he isn't good at using magic despite being an earth Adept in blood, he would rather play card games than go to school. Since he met Toumeya and embarked on their journey, his character will rapidly change in the duration of the Before The Storm Series.


Age: 25 Years Old
Height: 5'8
Job: Ship Engineer, Inventor, Chef
Personality: eccentric, crazy, know it all, drama queen, dork
Likes: partying, her boyfriend, scheming, cats, kids
Dislikes: Responsibility, being told what to do, snails
Quirks: Tends to overreact at times, very goofy, has a trademark fang tooth that is always shown

A young woman who is a real genius in ship mechanics, engineering and construction. Jessie's explosive personality is her trademark. She is a very wild, flirty, bundle of energy that makes her unique. She is a part of Felix's Geologist group, a large group of people who specialize in Magi-Crystal Research and Exploration just as Isaac and Jenna are. Jessie and her brother work as the ships crew who travel from place to place. Along with knowing ship mechanics, Jessie is also an inventor who was the one who invented small communication devices that don't require a Magi-crystal to work. She's also a cook and does her share of cooking duties when traveling. She is usually found in the engine room of the Lemurian Ship tinkering with the ship or fast asleep with wrench in hand. She's usually seen in jobs working alongside her brother Joseph.


Age: 24 Years Old
Height: 6'1
Job: Ship Pilot, Navigator, Healer
Personality: calm, serious, dry wit
Likes: reading, working out, keeping Jessie in check, fishing, tai chi
Dislikes: Nothing in particular
Quirks: Serious, sarcastic, always seen with his sister and keeping her from doing crazy things

A tall, serious man who is usually working alongside his sister Jessie. He is a skilled pilot and navigator of the seas and acts as the party's pilot getting them to the mine of SITE 1. A quiet person who is also part healer dabbing in the magic of alchemy, although not as powerful, he has a good share of knowledge of healing and treating injuries. Joseph isn't afraid of anything and would be a great fighter if he dedicated himself but to him, he prefers working behind the scenes and piloting than fighting against monsters, but the potential is there. He has taken an interest in showing Skye how to operate the Lemurian ship and tutors him at times when Joe is incapable of piloting.