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VOLUME ONE: Aftermath

- I: New Lives
- II: From Vale to SITE ONE

- I: New Lives

This story begins amidst the conclusion of GOLDEN SUN ALCHEMY'S FURY. Miyuki Gordon, Skye Zephyr, and Toumeya Aquios are three kids who were victims of rough living their entire lives from a world ending disaster which plagued the world of being livable. The three teenagers returned to the time of when the destruction first began and teemed up with past heroes to prevent it. Seeing that their lives of horrendous living should have been rewarded, they were granted a chance to return to the future where the world would be balanced and peaceful again, so the great deity called the Wise One allowed their existences to be permanent and sent them off to the future to live new lives amongst their families who now believe they exist in the future Weyard. And this is where the story begins...............

As if it were a dream, Miyuki Gordon awakens to her new life in the peaceful Weyard. She remembers the events and her friends emerging in this world when suddenly she's interrupted by a loudmouthed little boy. This kid introduces himself as Ethan Tedrow, Miyuki's cousin in this reality and eggs her on about going to see his father Felix. Felix, one of the few heroes who assisted Miyuki in their mission in the past now twenty years past wishes to meet up with her again. Miyuki heads downstairs to her new home alone and contemplates the possibility of seeing her parents Isaac and Jenna alive again. they were both murdered in front of Miyuki when she was only eight years old back in the devastated Weyard so meeting up with them alive and well again as if nothing happened seems too much for her until she's interrupted by Toumeya.

Toumeya greets Miyuki which puts her at ease knowing she survived the transition as well. Toumeya tells Miyuki that she's heading back to Lemuria after so long since she's been summoned by the King of Lemuria and will have to cut their reunion short. Miyuki agrees and sees her off. Miyuki goes off to find Skye, another who grew up with her and Toumeya. Skye, who seems calm to see his parents alive and well is greeted by his folks Ivan and Sheba, Ivan being the mayor of Vale, the town where this story begins, and Sheba who is a magic teacher. Skye goes off to look around town.

Miyuki finds Felix's house and sees that it's empty, she goes up to what appears to be Ethan's room and finds out some of his "hobbies". The little boy catches her and gets an earful by Miyuki. She learns that Ethan is someone who isn't very dedicated to anything and spends his time doing nothing but play games and slack off. Such behavior really puts Miyuki in a bad mood because she compares his lifestyle to her own and seeing how she had to survive and fend for herself, its a no brainer to why she would be angry at him taking things for granted. The few things that fuel Ethan is adventure, gambling, and money and won't ever change. Miyuki gets irritated and leaves the kid. She heads out to the backyard to where she catches up with an old friend.


Flash forward to Toumeya who is sailing on a ship to the fog covered Island of Lemuria. Toumeya reminisces back to when the world began its decline into destruction. The barrier around Lemuria that constrains time and space is destroyed, several villagers take note of the destruction happening around the world as the King makes the order to evacuate and leave Lemuria. The flashback ends as the ship arrives in Lemurian space. Inside the fog space Island time flows differently than in the outside world. Toumeya steps down and heads to the Kings castle.

Along the way she runs into an old friend named Piers, the same man who helped Toumeya and her friends defend the world from destruction twenty years prior. She jabs at him looking the same even now and the two agree to see the King. She's greeted by King Hydros and his associate Lunpa and consoles her from having to meet up again after living for seventeen harsh years. Toumeya thanks them and asks for a request, the King knows of this and calls forth Lunpa to bring forth a Magi-Crystal, a gem of immense power that has flourished all over the world for the past two decades. Using this stone can save Toumeya from her predicament and fully start life anew.

What bothers Toumeya is since she's a Lemurian, her aging slows that to five times the normal aging rate, but having been out of Lemuria for so long, her biological clock is screwed up and her appearance looks like that of a thirty year old adult when she's truly an average sixteen year old in normal Lemurian years. She has an adult body and wishes to change herself and match her actual age and quickly agrees to the procedure without incident. The party agrees and sets up the ceremony late Lemurian night.

The ceremony begins quickly much to the dismay of the Lemurian scientist Conservato who opposes the whole idea of saving Toumeya from the beginning, as she emerges onto the center of the altar. The first part of the experiment requires that Toumeya's powers as an adept all be absorbed into the Magi-crystals and fuel the entire process. Toumeya begins to revert herself younger, but then something goes wrong as the scientists cannot keep hold of Toumeya's powers and several of the crystals begin to shatter. Toumeya's stored powers in the crystal begin having a negative effect on the Magi-crystals and them begin amplifying in power to the point where the crystals become unstable. The scientists try all they can but cannot hold her powers for long.

The last crystal shatters as Toumeya's mutated power emerges itself in the form of a demon. Conservato goes off to stop the experiment but Piers mentions that any interference will destroy Toumeya. Feeling with no heart at all, Conservato doesn't care and thinks of only saving the island since her powers would destroy the island if left unchecked. King Hydros orders the scientists to revert the last two crystals to absorb Toumeya's power into the last two Magi-crystals that are fitted on Toumeya's arms. Surprisingly to everyone around, this seems to work as the demon that is Toumeya's full power gets absorbed in the crystals on Toumeya's armbands with little to no destruction of the surrounding area. Since her powers were removed from her body, the shock causes Toumeya to change forms and rapidly de-age until finally she collapses on the floor.

Piers and everyone checks up on the girl and discover that her body has regressed in age to a ten year old body. Toumeya wakes up and feels the scars left behind from the experiment as she feels intense pain from her head and all over her body. Its up until this point that her actual parents arrive on the scene. Note that these two are actually her parents since Toumeya was born long before the events of ALCHEMY'S FURY and ask what's wrong with their daughter.

Afterward, Toumeya is in her room and overhears the report from Conservato and Piers. The failed experiment has damaged Toumeya's brain and caused her to develop schizophrenic tendencies. The scars left behind also has halted her aging biological clock which now prevents her from ever aging again. Not only that but since her powers are restrained, she can no longer ever use her powers as an adept ever again. The last side effect has caused Toumeya to develop a temporary case of blindness. Conservato remarks that this turn of events have been interesting and wishes to keep Toumeya and let her live in his lab for further studying. Toumeya's parents disagree, but Conservato has the courts on his side and will get what he wants. Toumeya overhears and vows to get out of Lemuria and go back with her friends in Vale.

Heading to the docks, Toumeya finds several Lemurian ships to sneak onboard, but gets confronted by Piers. She cries in his arms not to send her to the lab and be used for experiments but Piers knows better and agrees to help out Toumeya and send her back to her friends. With Toumeya onboard a ship, Piers bypassed the Lemurian barrier and sails off to Vale with Toumeya to be reunited again with Miyuki and Skye.