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VOLUME ONE: Aftermath

- I: New Lives
- II: From Vale to SITE ONE

- II: From Vale to SITE ONE

The scene switches back to Vale where Miyuki arrives at Felix's house along with Skye and meet up with him to discuss things that have occurred the last twenty years. Felix makes the clear the first time that he speaks. That Miyuki, Skye and Toumeya must never mention to anyone where they came from and accept themselves as residents of this Weyard as if nothing happened. The duo agree easily as Felix mentions that the only people who know of their upbringing is only Felix, Piers and the Lemurian people. Felix shows them one map which shows the Weyard of twenty years prior, then the map of the current Weyard with the continents stretched out and far more land and ocean stretched out since the rebirth of Alchemy which has caused the world to grow and expand by a huge percentage.

Along with the growth of the world, emerged a new element in the form of crystals that contain various powers called Magi-Crystals. They were discovered and brought to land in which people have created new inventions and developed new technologies that changed the Weyard for the better and in only 13 years since the crystals were first discovered. Felix mentions that the original site of the first discovery called SITE ONE is where Felix's team discovered unusual Magi-crystal activity again in the old mines and then related the three adepts to their mission as Felix tells the duo especially Miyuki that two of his assistants went missing.

The two assistants being Felix's sister Jenna, and her husband Isaac, who are still missing at SITE ONE. Isaac and Jenna are technically Miyuki's parents should she have been born into this Weyard but she feels a strong emotional bond regardless and selfishly agrees to join Felix and sail to SITE ONE. Feeling conflicted, Miyuki and Skye see their new mission ahead of them and arrangements begin as the trip to SITE ONE gets planned.

Meanwhile, while heading to Vale, Toumeya and Piers travel by caravan horseback to the Adept village. Piers does his best to cheer up Toumeya and gives her two of his elemental Djinni as company. Eddy and Shade who are Water spirits that helped Piers when he saved Weyard join Toumeya. The two finally arrie at Weyard, Piers, who trusts her feeling better sends her off to her friends while he goes off to meet with Felix.

Toumeya then meets Ethan who was ditching Alchemy School, and the two join up while Ethan serves as tour Guide and shows her around the village. Ethan then decides to play a mean trick on his cousin Miyuki but in the end it has Miyuki rejoining Toumeya and stunned that Toumeya's in a little girl frame and the two talk at Felix's house.

Ethan, who is confused, doesn't know about Miyuki, Skye, and Toumeya's upbringing so Miyuki fakes a story on the spot saying that the trio know each other by studying in Lemuria where they met Toumeya who wanted to change her physical body, but something went wrong and she is what she is, which was true to an extent. They were trying to keep this charade going since they promised Felix.

Next morning, Piers raises Toumeya's spirits and puts her at ease as she finally feels happy and looks past her accident. Piers leaves via caravan after giving Miyuki a letter with formulas and instructions to which Magi-Crystals on SITE ONE could be used to revive Toumeya's body. The party leaves to prepare for SITE ONE.


Onboard the same Lemurian ship Piers leaves the party, the group prepares to finally set sail. Felix will sail on his own and catch up with the party later on. Ethan sneaks on board the ship in a crate and gets on with some help from Toumeya. The party meets the ship's navigator and engineer, the siblings Jessie and Joseph Akira who are a part of Felix's crew who will sail with the team. According to Felix, the time it will take to SITE ONE will be about three to four months.

The ship finally takes off, and a few hours in, Ethan gets caught and feels most of the wrath by Miyuki getting chore duty on the ship. After landing on their first stop, Miyuki gets motivated to train Ethan and Toumeya and brashly overworks them. Its not until Skye mentions to Miyuki that her behaviors are similar to how she acted upon herself trying to train herself when she was a kid because she too overworked herself to the point of collapse and don't want to see the kids as burdens and decides to simmer down. After this event, the ship begins to run into a wild storm which causes the ship to get stranded on an island.

Ethan and Toumeya get separated from the others as they venture in the jungle filled island looking for everyone. Meanwhile, Miyuki and Skye can't seem to find the kids on the ship. Jessie tells the gang that they could be on one of three islands, two of which are very dangerous with savage monsters living, and the other island is a port town called Clairvoyance Port. After running into several wild snakes, Miyuki and everyone conclude that they are on one of those dangerous islands. Meanwhile after some arguing, Toumeya and Ethan who are on the same island learn that it's actually Clairvoyance Port after all head into town. Then after some more arguing, they split up. Hours later, Toumeya is reunited with Ethan again who drags her out of town. Ethan tells her that he's been gambling and won a large sum of money, but there's more to his story as he shows Toumeya a beach house that he won in a card game. He leases and owns a beach house from a tycoon that made fun of his gambling streak, but Ethan gets the last laugh as the two spend the night at the house. Jessie and Joseph split up with Miyuki and Skye to look for the kids. After some hi jinks, the party finally reunites, repair the ship and continue on their journey.

Months pass as the group slowly but surely heads to SITE ONE..............