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Prologue: [Golden Sun]


My comics are derived from an amazing and underrated Gameboy Advance RPG Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

It's your usual fantasy RPG game with magic, summons, boss battles, and cute anime like characters. The game is popular and amazing for its impressive graphics (Even on a GBA), music score, story, and battle system.

Golden Sun

The story sets up in a fantasy world called Weyard. All matter, living and nonliving is composed of the 4 elements: Water/Mercury, Fire/Mars, Wind/Jupiter, and Earth/Venus. These elements form the divine power Alchemy, and people have adapted to fabulous lifestyles. But greed and corruption by many people have taken advantage of its great power. To counter this, wise sages sealed the 4 elements of Alchemy into 4 elemental Stars and locked them in the mountain dungeon Mt. Aleph and deep in the catacombs of Sol Sanctum. Despite this causing Alchemy from flourishing it was actually harming the world. As it was slowly eating away at the planet. A village at the far north of the planet called PROX was taking notice of this as their town was on the brink of extinction.

Prox sent a team of their strongest warriors to the base of Mt. Aleph to disrupt the Sol Sanctum and recover the elemental stars. To do this, they would need to cross the small town of Vale which was founded to protect the stars. The Sanctum was disrupted due to a trap and triggered a wild storm that endangered the village. Two young boys, named Isaac and Garet ran into the only survivors of the Prox raid named Saturos and Menardi. The boys were merely looking for help when a huge boulder crashed down in a part of the village killing Isaac's dad, and his childhood friend Jenna's parents and older brother Felix. The two Mars Adepts fought the two scared boys and nearly killed them outright. The two then fled, only to discover Felix. They kidnapped the boy and returned to Prox.


After the incident Isaac, Garet, and Jenna trained in the elemental magic of psynergy to protect their village from oncoming dangers. Heading to an old Sage named Kraden's house, the trio runs into Saturos and Menardi again. The two aggressive soldiers let the kids go visit the old man and they conclude that the two came to raid the Sanctum again. To learn of what they are planning, the foursome head into the Sanctum themselves and succeed to find the elemental stars. Isaac and Garet take each star, but get Ambushed again by Saturos and Menardi along with some other foes, a water adept named Alex, and a mysterious masked man who is actually Jenna's deceased brother Felix. Felix was saved by the twosome the night when the Sanctum was tampered with and trained with them ever since. Jenna and Kraden get kidnapped by the group, as well as have 3 of the 4 elemental stars. This triggers the volcano inside the mountain to begin to erupt. The Guardian of the Elemental Stars appears and tries to prevent the volcano from erupting but fails. Saturos's party flees with the incentive as of if Isaac and Garet want to see Jenna and Kraden again, they must bring them the elemental stars. The Wise One teleports the two boys to safety and entrusts them on a huge journey.

The wise one entrusts the boys to recover the Elemental Stars and to stop Saturos from using the stars to light the elemental lighthouses. These tall towers are used to unleash an element of alchemy and when all 4 are lit, Alchemy's power is fully unleashed which could lead to the destruction of the world, or restore the world to its glory. Aiding the two boys are elemental Djinni, small creatures used to boost an individuals stats and magic power, and when used properly can summon powerful beasts. Isaac and Garet follow their antagonists trail to a small village named Vault, there they meet a young wind adept boy named Ivan and help him out of a predicament. Ivan's powers are invaluable as he can read minds, and use tornadoes to blow away small grass. Ivan joins Isaac and Garet after leaning of their mission and head to the winter locked town of Imil and the first lighthouse.

There they run into the guardian of the lighthouse, named Mia and team up with her to clear the first trials of the Mercury Lighthouse. They reach the top and its too late as the Mercury lighthouse is lit by Saturos. The party fight Saturos himself atop the aerie despite his power drastically weakened from the waters opposing force. Alex who is Mia's apprentice steps in and recovers the defeated Saturos and sets off to the next lighthouse. Mia who becomes heartbroken learning her apprentice has defiled the teachings of her people decides to join Isaac, Garet and Ivan on their journey.

The party crosses into the Gondowan continent after many adventures and reach the town of Tolbi where a yearly tournament called Collosso is held. Isaac enters the tournament alone and wins singlehandedly. After, the party speaks with the man who rules Tolbi named Babi. Babi is over 200 years old and lives by an ancient drought from the forgotten land of Lemuria. He instills Isaac with the mission to return to Lemuria and bring more drought for Babi as his supply is nearing its end and Babi will die soon. After Isaac crosses a dangerous desert to learn Saturos has kidnapped a young girl named Sheba who is blessed with the same powers as Ivan. She is needed so they can enter the third lighthouse. Isaac follows Saturos to the top of the Venus Lighthouse where the party finally confronts Satauros and Menardi and defeats them at their full power. Its too late though as Saturos lights the Venus lighthouses and harnesses the power which fuses him and Menardi into a huge dragon who is the final boss of the game. Isaacs party defeats the Dragon but the earthquake triggered by the lighthouse causes Sheba who is still captive to fall over the huge building. Felix who is overwhelmed jumps after her falling to his death. Isaac's party reunites and learns that Sheba survives and that a piece of the land broke off with Jenna, Kraden, and Alex, and Sheba's guardian Faran is positive she survived. Faran entrusts Isaac with a Lemurian ship to go after them as well as head to Lemuria to save Babi's life.