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Prologue: [GS: The Lost Age]


My comics are derived from an amazing and horribly underrated Gameboy Advance Game Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

It's your usual fantasy RPG game with magic, summons, boss battles, and cute anime like characters. The game is popular and amazing for its impressive graphics (Even on a GBA), music score, story, and battle system.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

This game picks off exactly where the first GOLDEN SUN game picks up. Jenna is in the lower levels of the Venus Lighthouse with Kraden and the water Adept Alex. The trio decide to flee the lighthouse knowing its gonna be lit by Satauros and Menardi. They escape the Lighthouse to a small peninsula outside the building where their ship is located. At this time, Isaac's party fights Satauros, Menardi and Fusion Dragon Final boss at the top of the tower. Isaac defeats them but fails as the lighthouse is lit. The lighting causes a huge earthquake to tear a rip on the land which separates the peninsula with Jenna, Kraden, and Alex and sends them adrift. Luckily Sheba and Felix crash onto the peninsula thanks to the rising waves that breaks their fall. The party is reunited as the peninsula gets caught up in a tidal wave and merges the peninsula to a new continent. Felix and the party minus Alex forms their own party and goes off to their own adventure to light the remaining lighthouses.

Felix crosses the lands of the Oceania continent fighting many enemies and meeting various people. They head into the town of Madra where they find a man who is mixed up in the towns pirate affairs and is jailed. This man named Piers was wrongfully suspected of being with pirates because of the fact that he controls his own ship and can use powerful water magic just like Mia. Felix decides to help the man solve the pirate problem and confronts the pirate Briggs and sends him to free Piers. Piers is freed and sent to his own business. Felix learns of a huge mountain where powerful psynergy dwells. The team climbs Airs Rock where Sheba learns the powerful Psynergy Reveal which causes hidden passages and items to be revealed to the adept. Sheba uses this power to enter the mysterious werewolf village named Garoh where the party speaks with the Werewolf Elder Maha about the various mountains and lighthouses. Felix's party returns to Madra where the town is ransacked again, this time by the privative people of the Kimbombo. The natives steal a black orb which is actually the device used to control Piers' ship. Piers goes after them and meets up with Felix. The party now becomes four and they team up to recover the orb from the Witchdoctor of Kimbombo.

They succeed and head off in Piers' ship. Piers is actually a Lemurian who came from the sealed off island of Lemuria. They team learns that the only way to enter it is to construct a legendary trident used to break through a force field from a powerful boss who guards Lemuria. It's there that the team heads off to the many areas of Weyard where they learn various magic from the Gaia and Aqua Mountains and recover the three pieces of the Trident. Felix's party runs into Briggs the pirate again in his home of Champa where they confront Briggs. Having no business with him after all, Brigg's Grandmother helps the party out by fully assembling the Trident needed to head into Lemuria. Before leaving town, the party runs into Alex and meet their new foes who threaten them to continue on their journey to light the lighthouses. Two new Proxian's named Agatio and Karst who is Menardi's sister plans to get back at Isaac as well as seeing their home be saved from extinction. The new Trio leaves giving the party the threat and the news that Babi has died and that their presence in Tolbi made the people believe Babi's death was their fault.

The teams heads into Lemuria, where they fight the Guardian Leviathan and arrive in the ancient town. Piers leaves the party learning that his mother has passed away, meanwhile Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Kraden meet with a man named Lunpa who tells them of the state of Lemuria being a dying town since Alchemy was sealed away. The party then meets up with the Lemurian king who tells them the world is slowly shrinking thanks to the hold on Alchemy and the lighthouses MUST be lit in order to save the world from deteriorating entirely. Piers reunites with the group where there given their next mission, to head to the western sea and the third lighthouse. After crossing to the other side of the world, Felix heads to the Shaman village where the leader named Moapa tests the parties abilities and hands them a powerful jewel that helps them enter the Jupiter Lighthouse in trade with the Shamans Rod, a rod that was with Ivan since the Beginning of the First Golden Sun. The party crosses into the Angaran continent where they arrive in the ancient town of Contigo where they learn of Sheba's heritage and that she fell from the sky, most likely from the ancient Anemos town that risen from the earth and disappeared years and years ago.

Felix's party climbs the Jupiter Lighthouse where they activate the mechanisms that require the tower to become operational. Before lighting it, the party finds Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia get ambushed by Agatio and Karst. Garet trips a trap and he and Mia are seperated from Isaac and Ivan. The two bullies fight Isaac and Ivan 2 on 2 in an unfair fight and the two totally overpower the kid adepts. Felix and party arrives to meet the group and takes the Mars star from Isaac that he had from the beginning of the first GOLDEN SUN and heads to the top of the Jupiter Lighthouse where Agatio and Karst Await. Piers decides to go with Felix to the top. The two men successfully light the tower with only one lighthouse remaining, although Agatio and KArst decide to light the last lighthouse themselves, they decide to kill the two boys in an impressive battle. As the foursome fight, Jenna joins the battle immediately after. Agatio decides he wants to end it with Felix now, they both keep on fighting to the death, later Sheba joins the group and the party fights Agatio and Karst exactly like the Saturos and Menardi battle from the first game except more exciting and better music.

Having Defeat them, Alex revives the two Adepts and they flee the Jupiter Lighthouse with the MArs Star. Isaac finally reunited with Felix and Jenna and threatens him not to run away but rather explain why Felix wants to light the lighthouse knowing that destruction will come from it. The two parties meet in contigo where Kraden explains to them that the planet is slowly dying and deteriorating and without lighting and unleashing Alchemy upon the world, the world will surely die. Isaac now knowing of the threat joins forces with Felix's party for a total of 8 playable characters. They return to Felix's ship which is upgraded with wings to fly. The group crosses into the final elemental rock where Jenna learns the Blaze psynergy which allows her to manipulate fire. Along with the psynergy they find a magma ball needed to blow up a huge ice wall at the top of the world where the last lighthouse is located. The conditions of the north are far worse as huge snowstorms blanket the entire land.

The party finds the last Town Prox where Saturos, Agatio, Menardi, and Karst live and speak with the mayor of Prox. He entrusts Isaac and Felix to go on and light the Mars lighthouse since it was foretold that Agatio and Karst will fail. The party climbs the frozen lighthouse where the activate the mechanism to heat the entire tower first since its entirely frozen. They fight against two dragons who are actually Agatio and Karst, Felix recovers the Mars Star and uses it to light and heat up the entire building. The party climbs to the top of the tower after some trials where they encounter the Wise One again. The party is outraged that the Wise One refuses to acknowledge that the world is dying. He tells them that one of their own wants the power of the 4 combined elemental energies that will meet at Mt. Aleph and that this was Alex's intention from the start. To see if they're worthy, the Wise One gives them one final test where they party of 8 adepts fight a huge three headed dragon with everything they have, and after they can light it. Realizing WHO the dragons are, Kraden orders them to stop, but cannot as the party fights the dragon to the death. Its not till after that the identities of the dragons three heads are known. Each head becomes Jenna's mother and Father, and Isaac's father Kyle who were thought to have perished in the Vale storm. Angered the party calls out to the Wise One one by one, its not until Ivan's sister Hamma informs them that the Wise one is good and actually informed those who lived around the lighthouses to flee to safety. Isaac with a calmer head tells them whats done is done and has Felix light the final Lighthouse. All four are lit, and begins to resonate. The party tries to flee but the Mars lighthouse becomes engulfed in power. Afterward The world is safe as the storms are gone in Prox and Isaac, Felix and Kraden speak with the Prox mayor and Elder. The beacon actually SAVED their parents. The party reunited outside and concludes that the Wise One merely tested Felix and Isaac and had them save the world despite the pain that they went though. After the group heads home to Vale where all 4 energies from the lighthouses will transmit their power to Mt. Aleph. As scheduled, all 4 lighthouses fire off their energy where Alex awaits and absorbs the power of the "Golden Sun". The Wise One appears before him and paralyzes him as the mountain begins to sink. The game ends on a happy note as Isaac and everyone else's families reunite away from the erupted Mt. and all are safe.