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Minor Characters

A proud retired swordsman who has devoted the rest of his days as a geologist along with his wife Emma. Felix works searching out a new outgrowing of crystals with mysterious magic effects. During Felix's warrior life, he and seven other friends including his sister Jenna, and friend Piers saved the world of Weyard from inevitable destruction by lighting the four elemental lighthouses. Before they were lit, the flat world would continue to shrink into nothingness unless the power of Alchemy was restored to the world in which the planet thrives on Alchemy to grow and thrive. After Felix's mission, he was sent onto the battlefield once again to stop a returning threat but was unable to stop it as he was transported to a desolate Weyard twenty years into the future where he met his niece Miyuki, and her two friends Skye and the Lemurian girl Toumeya. After finding a loophole to Felix's past, he and the three other adepts were able to return with him and save their doomed futures. The three adepts saved the past and left towards the time portal into their new lives twenty years where this story begins, leaving Felix behind to live out his life with his friends. Because of his busy schedule, he and his wife Emma hardly have enough time to spend with their son Ethan and leave him behind in the care of the inhabitants of Vale to look after him.

Piers (Lemurian):
A soft-spoken polite Lemurian man who has saved Weyard in the past alongside Ethan's father, and Miyuki and Skye's parents when they were Teenagers. Like all Lemurians, Piers' has lived a long life and his actual age is unknown, so his young appearance may deceive anyone who just met him. Piers acts as an agent to KING HYDROS in diplomatic matters and resolve in bringing back the secluded island back to its former glory. Piers also holds a special bond with Toumeya, having seen her grown up the last few decades in Lemuria, so the two share more of a older Brother/younger sister relationship.

Water Djinni Shade:
An elemental spirit born from the water power of Alchemy. Djinni are used to protect the Legendary Elemental Stars and aid Adepts in battle. Shade is a Water Djinni from the "Golden Sun: The Lost Age" Game. His ability in battle allows him, when used, to create a watery shield which reduces damage to the party by 90%. In this series, he and Eddy were given to Toumeya to help her out with her developing powers. Shade is the serious, rational Djinni and gets his buddy Eddy out of trouble.

Water Djinni Eddy:
An elemental spirit born from the water power of Alchemy. Djinni are used to protect the Legendary Elemental Stars and aid Adepts in battle. Eddy is a Water Djinni from the "Golden Sun: The Lost Age" Game. His ability is useless in this comic since he allows 1 Djinni in for each party member to return to the Set Status after they been tributed for a summon spell and were set to recovery mode after. Eddy's personality is crazy, wild, and dumbfounded like Toumeya. Eddy is the one with the swirly, curvy head.

King Hydros:
The wise Ruler of Lemuria who has rules the secluded island surrounded by thick fog for over 500 years. The King is a well respected man among his people who want nothing more than to live in peace and tranquility secluded among the outside world. In the past Lemuria was a powerful superpower of a country dealing with trades all over Weyard until the lighthouses and Alchemy were first sealed away. When that happened, Lemuria's contact with the outside world was becoming distant until finally it was sealed away by rocky spires, whirlpools, and thick fog which covered the entire island and developed its own atmosphere which effected those on the Island and having time flow differently there. As of now the King grows older and older but still holds a sense of responsibility among his people despite hardly any activity happens on the island. Since Piers lives in Lemuria he acknowledges Toumeya's arrival to the King who is happy to see her return to her home.

Old Lemurian Scientist who works under the King of Lemuria. Conservato is obsessed with his research and science. His aggressive attitude and obsession with Magi-crystals have caused him to get on a few of his followers nerves. His first appearance was in the Golden Sun games where he was very opposed to Felix and his party's mission to light the four elemental lighthouses based on the data that said the world could be destroyed if that happened. He was highly opposed to them carrying out their mission, but did it anyway and his hypothesis was wrong, as the world was instead saved. His latest interest is Toumeya and her mysterious powers.