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Weapons/Places File

Each characters Weapons (in depth) and miscellaneous designs ranging from locations, ships, etc from GSG BTS EPISODE ONE:


Miyuki G.: Terra Brand/Tisiphone Edge
Miyuki wields two weapons of choice and is a ruthless fighter when in battle. Miyuki's role is sheer damage. She easily does huge damage against foes and can bring it. Her primary weapons are +75 in ATK each and add together to Miyuki's attack stat. Her Tisiphone Edge blade also adds a magic boost to her MAG stat, but her magic stat is so low she can't make much use of it.

Skye's custom made weapons are twin hand axes, that can be joined together to form a longer guillotine like weapon that he can ruthlessly swing at enemies. He also has a custom made glove for him to carry his weapon.

Lemurian Ship:
The main ship that shall be piloted for the main characters. Formally belonged to the Sea Captain Lemurian Piers =================================================================================
A village settled up high into the mountains at the base of Mt. Aleph. A mountain where Alchemy and the elemental stars were first housed. In Vale, the people are all Adepts, people born with elemental affinity. One of few towns where its occupants are Adepts.

A desert town off of the coast of the southern Gondowan continent. A town that has a sea port with various ships that encourage trade between the cities and towns. It is quite far from Vale and Lalivero. It takes over two days by caravan to travel between the two towns.

An island located in the middle of the vast ocean. This island has two other neighboring islands that are uninhabited and contain vicious dangerous predators like humongous serpent snakes and other monsters. Clairvoyance Port is a port town that is known as a popular vacation spot for tourists and as such has a lot of houses by the ocean for rent. Ethan with his gambling ways was able to afford a deed to this house.